Cover Reveal + Preorder: The Forgotten Dead

Hello all, and sorry for the long delay in posting. But I have some exciting book news for you today!

Last summer I hit a bit of a slump after finishing Unseen. To get my writing mojo back, I decided to indulge myself. For about six months after the start of the pandemic I watched a ton of ghost hunting shows, and I thought it would be fun to write another series about ghost hunters, this time set in the modern day. (Technically it takes place in the same universe as the Spirits series, but there’s no direct connection between the two.)

The Forgotten Dead is the first book in a three-book series, OutFoxing the Paranormal. I had a great time writing it, got my mojo back, and have since finished the next installment of SPECTR and am working on the next Pride book. Below is the stunning cover crafted by Skyla Dawn Cameron of Indigo Chick Designs.

Parapsychologist Dr. Nigel Taylor doesn’t work with psychic mediums. Until, that is, a round of budget cuts threatens his job and an eccentric old woman offers him a great deal of grant money. The only catch: he must investigate a haunted house with a man she believes to have a true gift.

Oscar Fox, founder of the ghost-hunting team OutFoxing the Paranormal, has spent his life ignoring the same sort of hallucinations that sent his grandmother to an insane asylum. When he agrees to work with the prestigious—and sexy—Dr. Taylor, he knows he’ll have to keep his visions under wraps, so his team can get a desperately needed pay day.

Soon after Nigel, Oscar, and the OtP team arrive at the house, the questions begin to pile up. Why is there a blood stain in the upstairs hallway? What tragedy took place in the basement? And who is the spirit lurking in the closet of a child’s bedroom?

One thing is certain: if Oscar can’t accept the truth about his psychic abilities, and Nigel can’t face the demons of his past, they’ll join the forgotten souls of the house…forever.

Coming April 15th! Please note, though I can’t set them up for preorder through Amazon, The Forgotten Dead will also be available in paperback and HARDCOVER! Plus I’m working with the amazing Tristan James on the audiobook. To grab the ebook, click one of the links below:

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6 responses to “Cover Reveal + Preorder: The Forgotten Dead

  1. Marta Vega

    Yes! Just reading the synopsis got me all pumped up for this! Can’t wait (though I will, patiently)!

  2. Ais

    OMG that cover is AMAZING! And it sounds like the perfect new series to sate my neverending thirst for a good ghost story. I can’t wait for the audio either because Tristan is awesome.