Huge News! Widdershins: The Roleplaying Game is coming your way!

I’ve been sitting on this news for what seems like forever, so I’m extremely happy to finally be able to share with you! I’m teaming up with the amazing folks at Library of the Omniverse Press to bring you Widdershins: The Roleplaying Game! Our Kickstarter will launch in October, but there will be a short demo available before then.

Those who make it their true home know the words.

From every corner of the continent, and even across the waves, it calls them. It is a haven for the strange; for the unwanted; for the monstrous rebels.

In a world controlled by incomprehensible, uncaring forces that thoughtlessly consume lives for their own ends, Widdershins is a bastion of hope.

But beware: it is not for the faint of heart. Do not pay attention to the hooded figures that creep around every corner. Stay clear of the powerful industrialists who traffic with forces from the Outside. And don’t get lost in the museum library, with its unnatural twists and turns and rare grimoires.

It was here that the end of the world was due to arrive, and it was here that the apocalypse was driven back—all because of the brave people of the town of Widdershins, and the maelstrom of arcane energy that swirls beneath it.

Widdershins is a place for the outsiders, and it has called you.

Widdershins: the Roleplaying Game is a Tabletop RPG about found family in a world of eldritch horrors, using its own new system. It is based on the Whyborne and Griffin series, written by Jordan L. Hawk. Keep a look out for our Kickstarter in October!

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