UNHALLOWED (Rath & Rune 1) has been unleashed upon the world!

I’m incredibly excited to share Unhallowed with you at last! The first book in a new series, Unhallowed features evil books, slow-burn romance, a monster boyfriend, and of course librarians. Oh, and bats!


Monsters. Murder. Librarians.

Librarian Sebastian Rath is the only one who believes his friend Kelly O’Neil disappeared due to foul play. But without any clues or outside assistance, there’s nothing he can do to prove it.

When bookbinder Vesper Rune is hired to fill the vacancy left by O’Neil, he receives an ominous letter warning him to leave. After he saves Sebastian from a pair of threatening men, the two decide to join forces and get to the truth about what happened to O’Neil.

But Vesper is hiding secrets of his own, ones he doesn’t dare let anyone learn. Secrets that grow ever more dangerous as his desire for Sebastian deepens.

Because Kelly O’Neil was murdered. And if Sebastian and Ves don’t act quickly enough, they’ll be the next to die.


You can get your copy by clicking the button of your preferred vendor below. Oh, and as for the paperback, there was an issue with it but it should be cleared up now and wending its way through to vendors, so hopefully it will be available very soon.

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