DEOSIL is now available in AUDIO!

I know so many of you have been patiently waiting, so I’m VERY pleased to announce that Deosil is now out as an audiobook! I won’t make you wait any longer: here are the links to buy on Amazon and Audible!

Posted February 5, 2020 by jordan in Whyborne & Griffin / 1 Comment

One response to “DEOSIL is now available in AUDIO!

  1. Even though I have heard it hundreds of times while recording and editing, I started listening last night and COULD NOT STOP. This is a magical marriage of words and voice(s) — you and Julian are a brilliant match. He has LIVED the lives of Whyborne and Griffith, Christine and Iskander, Heliabel and Persephone and all of your fabulous myriad monsters and ghouls, and, knowing this is the last installment, he (and I) were really flooded with honest emotions, which I think comes through in this narration. I am promoting this one far and wide, and I truly hope this will not be your last collaboration. You’re just getting started.