BRINGER OF NIGHT (SPECTR 3.2) Cover Reveal and Preorder

I’m so very excited to share with you the cover and release date for the next SPECTR installment, Bringer of Night.

The vampire spirit Gray and his human host Caleb have sworn never to drink from a human again. But when a woman from one of Caleb’s tour groups is murdered by what appears to be a vampire, Caleb is arrested as the prime suspect. Not only does she have a bite mark on her throat, but security camera footage reveals her murderer looks exactly like Caleb, down to the clothes he was wearing that night.

Can Caleb and Gray clear their names, not only to the police but to John? Or will the new life they’ve built in New Orleans come crashing down around them?

And without further ado, here is the gorgeous cover by Lou Harper, featuring the mysterious new drakul who appeared at the end of Stalker of Shadows:

Bringer of Night will be available December 13, 2019 (lucky Friday the 13th!). But you can grab a preorder at the links below:

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NOTE: The B&N link is still making its way through at the time of this posting, so you may need to check back once it’s fully loaded into their store.

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4 responses to “BRINGER OF NIGHT (SPECTR 3.2) Cover Reveal and Preorder

  1. Claudia

    *sits and wait for the book to be delivered to her*

    Just so you know, I have read Deosil on one sit, until I arrived to the Epilogue, and then… I stopped. I can’t get myself to read that last chapter, because, when I’ll do it, that’s it, it’s over. And I’m not ready to let them go, not yet *deep sigh* Shees, I’m going to miss those characters SO much 🙁

  2. Christine Chrysogonou

    Yes! Oh yes! I just finished 3.1 yesterday and was so freaked out and excited with everything that happened (hint hint John) that the next one can’t come soon enough