Fallow Audiobook Now Available! Plus, Iskander Paper Doll!


I’m very excited to announce the audiobook for Fallow (W&G8) is now available on Audible, with other outlets coming as it makes its way through the system. As usual, Julian G. Simmons did an incredible job bringing the characters to life.


Also, the amazing Catherine Dair has made an Iskander paper doll to accompany the Whyborne, Griffin, and Christine paper dolls she made last year. You can download your own Iskander suitable for printing here, and the others here.

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One response to “Fallow Audiobook Now Available! Plus, Iskander Paper Doll!

  1. LLamia

    I couldn’t wait for the audio version of Fallow so I am so happy that the audiobook is now available. I always wait impatiently for the next book and I never was disappointed – every one of them is my favourite one. But I will miss the previous covers – in my opionion they were perfect – the design, the style of fonts and the sepia clour only enhaced the aura of mystery and danger associated with these books. And the image of Griffin on the cover of Necropolis still gives me shivers. Now the covers are nice and colourful but difficult to find among similar ones.
    So the story – definitely yes. The cover – I will have to get used to them