It’s that time of year again–the M/M Romance Members Choice Awards


If you’re a member of the GoodReads M/M Romance group, the yearly polls are up. Our boys were nominated for 22 awards in 15 categories! So first, a big THANK YOU to everyone who nominated them! 😀

If you’d care to vote (only group members can do so), I’d appreciate any you might toss our way. Here’s the list of categories with links to the poll, and the book(s) or characters nominated for them.

Best Established Couples (Whyborne & Griffin, Hoarfrost)
Best Anthology (Charmed & Dangerous)
Favorite All Time M/M Series (Whyborne & Griffin, SPECTR)
Best Fantasy (Dangerous Spirits, Hoarfrost)
Best Enemies to Lovers (Restless Spirits)
Favorite All Time M/M Author – me! (Seriously, major thanks to whoever nominated me–I’m truly honored.)
Favorite All-Time M/M Romance (Widdershins)
Best Action/Suspense/Adventure (Hoarfrost)
Best Book of the Year (Dangerous Spirits)
Best Cover Art (Dangerous Spirits)
Best Free Story (Not DRitC) (Harmony)
Best Main Character (Whyborne, Hoarfrost; Gray, Mocker of Ravens)
Best Paranormal (Dangerous Spirits, Hoarfrost, Restless Spirits)
Best Polyamorous (M/M/M…)(Mocker of Ravens)
Best Secondary Character (Christine, Hoarfrost; Jo, Dangerous Spirits)

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