It’s that time of year again–the M/M Romance Members Choice Awards


If you’re a member of the GoodReads M/M Romance group, the yearly polls are up. Our boys were nominated for 22 awards in 15 categories! So first, a big THANK YOU to everyone who nominated them! ūüėÄ

If you’d care to vote (only group members can do so), I’d¬†appreciate any you might toss our way. Here’s the list of categories with links to the poll, and the book(s) or characters nominated for them.

Best Established Couples (Whyborne & Griffin, Hoarfrost)
Best Anthology (Charmed & Dangerous)
Favorite All Time M/M Series (Whyborne & Griffin, SPECTR)
Best Fantasy (Dangerous Spirits, Hoarfrost)
Best Enemies to Lovers (Restless Spirits)
Favorite All Time M/M Author – me! (Seriously,¬†major thanks to whoever nominated me–I’m truly¬†honored.)
Favorite All-Time M/M Romance (Widdershins)
Best Action/Suspense/Adventure (Hoarfrost)
Best Book of the Year (Dangerous Spirits)
Best Cover Art (Dangerous Spirits)
Best Free Story (Not DRitC) (Harmony)
Best Main Character (Whyborne, Hoarfrost; Gray, Mocker of Ravens)
Best Paranormal (Dangerous Spirits, Hoarfrost, Restless Spirits)
Best Polyamorous (M/M/M…)(Mocker of Ravens)
Best Secondary Character (Christine, Hoarfrost; Jo, Dangerous Spirits)

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