2 responses to “Dangerous Spirits Excerpt

  1. KIKKA

    Oohhh poor cutie Henry! I was as disappointed as him reading this chapter…he so needs an hug (& I’m pretty sure that Vin will comfort him soon then <3 😉
    Thanks for this juicy snippet BTW, I've pre-ordered it cos I'm truly enjoying this new saga; & particularly that all your books feel different even if still usually dealing with an historical period & magic/fantasy, brava!
    Plus like you I enjoy the enemies-to-lovers trope & a bit of sane angst LOL.

    Besides kudos for not having all WASP MCs & for including LGBT roles as well: I think also these little things are important in the biggest picture y'know (I luv to say that they broaden our imaginery). <3

    PS-extra point for mentioning Doc "Caligaris" & Oscar Wilde's fashion…(always the best! ;-D) xxx