Hang Out with Me at Rainbow Con

Rainbow Con

I can’t believe Rainbow Con is next week already! What happened to the time?

I’m going to host a small, very informal get together so I can say THANK YOU to my wonderful readers in person. We’ll be hanging out at the bar Friday at 6:00 pm if you’d like to stop by. I’ll have some special W&G swag on hand that won’t be available anywhere else. FYI, I only choose the bar because it’s an easy place for everyone to find–it’s okay if you don’t drink! Come hang out with us anyway. 😀

I’ve created a FaceBook event page here, but it’s okay if you don’t have FB! I’m just using it to get a vague idea how much special swag I should bring.

Also, I have a number of panels at the con, so here is my full schedule:

The Importance of Cover Art -Thu 5pm
Author Signing – Sat 10am
When Two Won’t Do: Polyamorous Fiction – Sat 11am
Perspective and POV – Sat 1pm
Tools of the Cover Artist – Sat 4pm
What Scares You? Suspense vs Thriller vs Horror – Sat 5pm
Naughty Bedtime Stories Part 2 – Hour 1 – Sat 10pm
A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy: All About the Bad Guys – Sun 11am
Author Reading – Sun 12pm
Writing Historical LGBTQ – Sun 1pm

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