Interview With Author Jamie Lake

Please welcome m/m author Jamie Lake to the blog!

Bad BoyFor those who aren’t familiar with the Bad Boy series, tell us about it. It’s the story of a really hot teacher who becomes desperate for money when his hours are cut and the only choice he has is to moonlight as an erotic masseuse for men. The problem is, he has to keep is profession a secret from the school and it’s right when he meets the guy of his dreams, who happens to be not only one of his student’s dads but also a cop.

Did you plan out what was going to happen in each book? How do you decide how many books there will be in the Bad Boy series? Once I decided that Bad Boy was going to be a series, I had a vague idea what would happen in each book but didn’t really plan anything until I was focused on that book. I always have at least a vague idea of the next book and usually because I don’t think all that I want to happen will fit in one book.  At first, Bad Boy was going to be just 3 books long but then it quickly became at least 5 books. I’m about to start on Book 5 in about a couple of weeks so who knows what the characters will want, maybe there will be more if the readers demand it.

You write so fast and so prolifically, how do you manage that? I do write fast and there are a few ways I do that but I still battle procrastination and being distracted by social media. I love talking to my readers on Twitter. I’ve built some great friendships on Twitter.  I never knew it’d be possible on Twitter but it’s true.  As far as how I write so fast: I do a light outline, write a draft (typos and all) then I send it to my co-writer or editor, then I go through it and flesh it out, then it’s off to my copyeditor. Wash, rinse, repeat. While the copyeditor or even the editor is doing their part, I’m already working on the next book. I don’t waste time. I write 5-6 days a week. And every once in awhile, I’ll slack off a week or even two but very rarely because I’m so hard on myself (being a Virgo).

What made you make the decision to write in third person instead of first person? That’s my style generally but for example in one of my series, Stay Always, I wrote in first person. I think it might actually be faster to write in first person and there aren’t that many m/m stories told in that type of voice so I’d be open to doing it again. In the case of Bad Boy, I experimented in my head with first and third and felt that third person would be best.

Are there any m/m author’s careers you’d like to emulate?  I love what River James and Kindle Alexander are doing so something like that would be nice. I love how they write much longer sweeping stories, especially Kindle who seem to write as Nicholas Sparks says are “mini-lifetimes”. Eventually, I’d like to do more of a Nicholas Sparks for m/m readers type of thing but with some steamy scenes thrown in just for fun. That’s probably what I’ll do when I wrap up the current series I’m writing.

Where can we get a copy of Bad Boy? You can get it exclusively on Amazon or email me at JamieLakeNovels AT gmail.

Thanks for stopping by, Jamie!

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