New Whyborne & Griffin Short Story Coming Oct. 1

This seems to be my week for updates! I’m incredibly excited to finally be able to announce my contribution to the anthology Another Place in Time, organized by Susan Lee of Boys in Our Books, who also did the beautiful cover.

Another Place in Time

Look at those names! I’m amazed and honored to be among such stellar company.

My contribution is “Carousel,” which takes place between Stormhaven and Necropolis. Some of you may recall this exchange from Necropolis:

“Have you investigated any interesting cases lately, Griffin?” Mother asked, rescuing the conversation.

Griffin began to relate the details of a kidnapping he’d recently looked into—successfully, I should add, with the abducted tyke returned to his family unharmed.

I knew there was more behind the story when I wrote those lines, and when Susan contacted me about participating in the anthology, I decided to find out what, exactly. Like “Eidolon,” “Carousel” is narrated from Griffin’s POV.

100% of proceeds will go to All Out, an organization whose “mission is to build a world where no person will have to sacrifice family or freedom, safety or dignity, because of who they are or whom they love.” Another Place in Time will be available October 1 in eBook and print!

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5 responses to “New Whyborne & Griffin Short Story Coming Oct. 1

  1. Lena Grey

    Wow! If a book were ever right up my alley, it would be this one! Who do I ask to get a review copy? Thanks!

  2. Christy

    You don’t happen to know how much this is going to be, do you? I was just figuring up in my head the total of all the books I’ll be purchasing next month, but this is the only book I don’t know the price of.

    Thank you! Looks like it will be a lovely collection.

    • jordan

      I’m afraid I don’t know yet, actually.

      I can’t wait to read the other stories myself. *rubs hands gleefully*