SPECTR Announcements

If I had to list the two most frequent questions I get from SPECTR fans, they would be “will the books be in audio” and “will you please, please, write more.” 😉 So today I aim to answer both of those questions!

Hunter of Demons

I’m pleased to announce I’ve opened auditions for a narrator for Hunter of Demons. Now, how long it will take to find the right person I can’t say. Julian G. Simmons was literally the first person to audition for Widdershins, but the chances of getting a perfect match so quickly a second time seem slim. Which doesn’t mean it won’t happen, of course!

Now on to the second question! I’d always toyed with at least the possibility of doing  SPECTR Series 2. While SPECTR doesn’t have as many fans as Whyborne & Griffin (so if you know anyone who might like the series, let them know Hunter of Demons is now free on Amazon, ARe, Smashwords, and just about everywhere else), you guys are VERY vocal about what you want. And what you want is Series 2!

So consider this my official announcement: SPECTR Series 2 will debut some time in 2015. I can’t be more specific date-wise at the moment, but as soon as I have my 2015 schedule in a few months, I promise I will let everyone know.

Now that I’ve answered the two big questions, what others do you have? Next week I’m going to post a SPECTR Series 1 wrap-up blog where I answer any other lingering questions. So please leave all of your questions in the comments below! Please note I am taking questions about Book 6, but if yours is spoilery, please put *SPOILER* at the beginning of your comment so readers who haven’t finished the series will know to skim past. 🙂

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9 responses to “SPECTR Announcements

  1. Carissa

    *undignified squeeeing noises*

    general happiness abounding up in here. Thanks!!!!

  2. Tiuri

    Excellent news. Nobody’s asked a question yet, so let me be the first. Will SPECTR 2 feature the same two (three) main characters or will there be new main characters??
    This is always my problem, I want these characters to have a HEA, yet I still want to read more about them, i.e. more adventures, i.e. not such a HEA after all 😉

  3. Rein

    So happy there’s going to be a Series 2!! One of my favorite threesomes will continue to grace my Kindle next year. Awesome, awesome news. 🙂