Summoner of Storms Cover Reveal

And here it is: the cover for the final SPECTR book (at least in the first series!), Summoner of Storms. I’m sure you all guessed it would feature Gray, since each of the boys get two covers a piece. 🙂

Summoner of Storms

Federal exorcist John Starkweather’s life is in tatters. His best friend Sean betrayed him.  SPECTR, the agency he viewed more as a surrogate family than an employer, wants him dead. His only allies are members of the mysterious organization called the Vigilant, whose motives remain in question. 

The only thing keeping John together is the presence of his lovers: Caleb Jansen, a powerful telekinetic, and Gray, the vampire spirit possessing Caleb.

Together, they must not only evade capture, but somehow stop SPECTR from building an army of demon possessed soldiers. If they are to succeed, John must question everything he’s ever believed about SPECTR and spirits. And Caleb and Gray must decide how far they’re willing to go—not just for John’s love, but for his very life.

Coming July 1, 2014!

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14 responses to “Summoner of Storms Cover Reveal

  1. Allison

    Ah! A new series!?! Yay. How exciting! Very much looking forward to July 1.

  2. Woo-Hoo! Usually my middle sister’s comment, but my “yay yay yay” requires explanation that would no doubt bore some people. 🙂 I need to start the series over (oh, the tragedy of it all–you mean I have to start from the beginning again??). I love the cover. July is full of mystery and portent. No idea. Just seemed the thing to say. Lol. Thank you, Jordan! 😀

  3. Michele

    So, have you ever considered releasing /this/ series in audio? I love it enough to read it with screen readers but, like everything, it’s so much better in audio. Of course, if I had my way, it would be mandatory to release an audio version of every single book ever written. So just curious.

    • jordan

      It’s on my to-do list for the second half of the year. Although finding the right narrator will be an interesting challenge! 🙂