Stormhaven Release Day!


It’s been a long six months since Threshold, but Stormhaven is finally available! Links below, but first I want to say that, had all of you not embraced Whyborne & Griffin and taken their story to heart, this book would never have been written. I loved the characters and I loved their story, but I never imagined so many others would want to join in on their journey.

So thank you. Thank you so much for lifting my spirits when they were down, for telling me to get back to work when I was playing on Facebook ;), for tweets and emails and shares and messages. Most of all, thank you for joining me on this crazy adventure of books and boys and things that go bump in the night.

And now, without further ado, I give you part three of Whyborne & Griffin:

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6 responses to “Stormhaven Release Day!

  1. Moon Cat

    Thanks for the e-mail, I am so excited to see the third of the series, I have immediately downloaded it and only paused to thank you before reading it tonight. Joy, joy, joy.

    • jordan

      Yes! I’m working on Necropolis (Book 4) right now. 😀 I have it tentatively scheduled for release in May.

      • Alice - aka Moon Cat

        Stormhaven is brilliant! I am so glad to hear that another is on the way as soon as May. The title, Necropolis, already sounds like trouble for the boys. Can’t wait to find out what is next. Keep up the good work.