Threshold Audiobook and other Updates

I have a bunch of bits and pieces of news that don’t make up a whole blog post on their own, so I’m lumping them all in one. 🙂


First, production on the audiobook version of Threshold is scheduled to start October 1 and be completed by the end of the month. I’m so excited!

Volume 1

Second, I’m putting out the first 3 SPECTR stories (Hunter of Demons, Master of Ghouls, and Reaper of Souls) in a single combined paperback (and a combined ebook if you’re the sort of person who likes to buy in bulk). Look for that around the beginning of October, and of course I’ll have copies with me at GayRom Lit if you’re going.


In other Whyborne & Griffin news, I’ve finished the first draft and revisions to Book 3, Stormhaven, and will send it to my beta reader for the weekend. Unless he has massive problems with it, it should go out to my editor by the end of next week! Also, I’m planning on reading from Stormhaven at GRL, so if you’re there come by for an exclusive early peek, er, listen, into the book. 🙂

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8 responses to “Threshold Audiobook and other Updates

  1. Yay yay yay! I mean, yay narwhals! ? (I saw it on a magnet at my drugstore today. There wasn’t anything remotely Lovecraftian.) Just a lot of Yay things. Yay Whybourne. Yay Griffin! Yay Jordan! Maybe a new firefighting character should be introduced. Big Red. Sorry. I’ll stop with the yays now, because it’s becoming one of those things when you say the word over and over it starts to look really weird, like maybe something Whybourne and Griffin would battle in a dark cave–“It’s more yays–don’t fire until you see the glow of their eyes!” So excited about Stormhaven.

    • jordan

      Haha, yay narwhals! There aren’t any narwhals in Stormhaven, but there is a sea/ocean connection going on, so it kind of fits! 😀


  2. Moon Cat

    I am so excited that Stormhaven is getting close to being issued. Woohooooo! Can’t wait. I love this series. The asylum research looks like the boys will be in serious trouble as usual.

    • jordan

      Yay, thank you! 🙂

      I’m sure the nice doctors at the asylum only want to invite them for coffee. *shifty eyes*

  3. Alli

    I just finished Threshold. I want more of the boys and awkward stuttering and dashing adventures with lady archaeology friends…I’m so excited for Stormhaven.