Threshold FAQ and More!

ThresholdA very nice person by the name of Joe asked me a question about Threshold via my contact form, but since his email is bouncing and others might have the same question, I thought I’d answer it via the blog (and hope he sees it). I also wanted to answer a couple of other frequently asked questions that have come up since the release of Threshold:

Will there be a paperback version?

Yes! I plan on having it available in August. You will be able to order it online, and I’ll also be bringing stock with me to IndieRom Con, GRL, and Rainbowcon.

Will there be an audio version?

Yes! I will post details as soon as I have them.

Will there be more books in the series?

Yes! More information soon, but I’m thinking about blogging along with writing Book 3 if anyone is interested in my process.

In non-Threshold news, you can still ask Gray (the vampire from the SPECTR books) questions over at The Novel Approach. Boxers or briefs? Favorite type of demon to snack on? Ask him anything!

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