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I can’t believe Threshold will be out tomorrow! I am so excited, you guys! Anyway, I thought I’d share a last pre-release excerpt here.

~ * ~

ThresholdDressed in a fresh suit, I hurried downstairs to the kitchen. Griffin stood in front of the stove, a pan in one hand and cooking oil in the other, regarding the wall with surprise.

Oh dear. I’d forgotten about the rather large scorch mark blackening the plaster.

“Whyborne,” he said, in a deceptively calm voice, “did you leave the gas on too long before lighting the stove?”

I winced. “Er, no.”

“I see.” He put the pan on the stove. “Would you care to tell me what did happen?”

I felt rather like an errant schoolboy caught out by a disapproving headmaster, a sensation I did not care for in the least. “Well, I…that is, while you were gone, I, er…experimented.”


“With the spell. The one for fire.”

Griffin turned to me, exasperation clearly written across his face. “I thought we agreed you wouldn’t use that damnable book without discussing it first.”

“You’re being quite unfair,” I objected. “The spell saved our lives, more than once. Besides, it’s only a novice’s magic. It’s not as if I’m raising the dead, or creating monsters, or calling lightning down from the sky. Although, the last one might be useful…” I trailed off at his expression.

“So you waited until I left town, knowing full well I’d disapprove otherwise, and did what? Tried to set the house on fire?”

“Of course not.” I tugged absently at my shirt cuffs, even though they were already perfectly straight. “I simply ran a few tests. I wanted to find out what effects distance might have, and if I could alter the size of the flame produced.”

“I take it the answer was yes,” Griffin said dryly.

“Forgive me—I’ll have the plaster patched soon, I promise.”

Griffin put aside the makings of our breakfast and crossed the room to me. Gripping my shoulders with his hands, he looked earnestly up into my eyes. “I don’t give a fig for the plaster. I understand you can’t help but be curious. Your inquisitive mind is part of what attracted me to you in the first place. But I worry about you.”

His words warmed me. “I appreciate your concern. But truly, I’m careful. Er, mostly.”

A wry grin slipped across his features. “Well, at least you didn’t burn down the house, or set yourself on fire. Just let me supervise the next time.”

“Of course.” I hesitated, but could hardly put it off any longer. “By the way, the newspaper might contain mention of a ‘freak wind’ at the museum last night.”

“A what? Whyborne…”

“Oh, did I hear the postman?” I blurted, before hastily escaping to the porch.

Threshold releases tomorrow, June 4, 2013!

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  1. Heather C

    Aww I LOVE that scene. Rereading in now puts a big smile on my face. I *heart* those guys!

    • jordan

      Thank you! Poor Griffin; he probably thinks he can never the leave the state again without coming home to find Whyborne turned the cat into an eldritch abomination or something. 😉