Master of Ghouls – Excerpt

Master of GhoulsThe second book in my SPECTR series, Master of Ghouls, releases next Tuesday! So I thought this would be a good time to post an excerpt. In this scene, hotshot federal exorcist John accompanies possessed hottie Caleb to the headquarters of SPECTR, the agency in charge of registering and tracking people with paranormal abilities. Caleb is less than thrilled.


The interior of the garage elevator also looked like stainless steel, as if its designer’s top priorities had been durability and ease of cleaning. While John swiped a card reader to unlock the controls, Caleb edged into one corner, as far away from the doors as possible. His pulse pounded in his throat, his palms sweated, and his stomach roiled with sudden nausea.

There was no reason to be afraid, was there? Sure, he was going to be registered, but like John said, a lot of other people were too and lived normal lives. It wasn’t as if someone was going to lock him up, beat him with a nightstick, or try to kill him. There was no reason to be scared shitless.

But SPECTR had been the boogeyman of his life too long to just turn off the fear.

“You okay?” John asked, as the elevator began its descent. Like an elevator to hell, Caleb thought, and barely managed not to laugh. Fuck, he really was panicking.

Gray stirred, reacting to his alarm. “We are in danger?”

Oh no, this was not happening. No. It’s like John says. No reason to be scared.

“But you are.”

Caleb’s sense of Gray’s presence grew sharply stronger, and, for the first time, it occurred to him maybe Gray didn’t really understand being afraid without a real, concrete reason that could be mauled into submission. It’s fine! I swear; I’m all right. Nothing bad is going to happen.


It’s all right. Trust me. Because how could he explain humans could be afraid of a nebulous future, or even of things which had no existence outside their own minds? If we’re truly in danger, I’ll let you know.

“Very well.”

“Caleb?” John asked softly.

Damn it. “Fine,” he said hastily. “I’m fine. What’s going to happen?”

John didn’t seem any more convinced than Gray, but he went with it. “First we’ll see Kaniyar and find out what she wants. Afterward, I have to read over Ms. Sheffield’s statement and exorcise her. You can watch if you’d like.”

“I figured you’d have exorcised her first thing last night, like you did with me. Tried to do with me, anyway.”

John’s lips thinned, and he turned his gaze to the floors ticking past. “Something strange is going on, and I needed to find out what.”

“First, Gray is something you’ve never seen before, now this. You guys are pretty much making it all up as you go along, aren’t you?”

John shot him an irritated look. “No.” But he didn’t elaborate, so Caleb figured he’d been right after all.

Coming April 2, 2013

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