I’ve neglected the blog lately, mainly because I’m trying to get through the first draft of Threshold and proof the print version of Widdershins at the same time. So I’m just now getting around to posting a link to an absolutely hilarious video I came across a few weeks ago. “The Common Cult” is a short series about a group of 30-something friends trying to summon a dark god and bring on the apocalypse, while still trying to juggle the mundanities of everyday life: turning 30, proposing to your girlfriend, having to admit you still don’t know how to properly sacrifice a goat…

Posted March 12, 2013 by jordan in geekery, humor / 2 Comments

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  1. Urbanista

    “We used to be unified in darkness!” Lol, I love how easily distracted, even bored, they are at their own ritual/ceremony/brown sabbaths.

    • jordan

      LOL, I know, it’s just like a group of old college friends trying to stay together even though there’s no real reason to anymore. Except with more goat sacrifice. 😀