ShevaCon – Better Late than Never Round-Up

Earlier this month, we made our yearly pilgrimage to ShevaCon, which is a wonderful little science fiction and fantasy con in Roanoke, VA. Here are some pictures we took while there!

The convention took place in Hotel Roanoke, which was built in 1882:

Hotel Roanoke
Whyborne would feel right at home.

The gorgeous bar served as an officer’s club during WWII:

The bar
Check out that pine paneling!

The 501st were out in force:

Storm Trooper

Bounty Hunters

There were also a few furries:



If you’re in the area next year, be sure to check it out!

What about you? Ever been to an s/f con, comic con, or just a fun retreat? Tell us about it or point us to your pictures in the comments.

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2 responses to “ShevaCon – Better Late than Never Round-Up

    • jordan

      You should go! The costumes are amazing – I’ve got no sewing or leather working talent at all, so I’m always blown away by the things people create. 🙂