Weekly WTF?

Just to prove that horrible and bizarre gift giving isn’t a modern tradition, I bring to you the bizarre armor of Henry VIII (yes, that Henry VIII). When he was still young and strapping, the Emperor Maximilian decided to give him a suit of armor which included this helmet:

Horned Helmet Front
Is it wearing glasses? Why does a helmet need glasses?!

Which…okay, if I saw that coming at me on the battlefield, I’d run screaming in the opposite direction, too. But this armor was purely ceremonial, so the only people Henry was horrifying were courtiers and future wives.

Horned Helmet Side
Even creepier than from the front.

If I were Henry, my first thought would’ve been “is this supposed to look like me?” followed by “that’s it, I’m invading Europe.”

In all seriousness, given the technology of the time this is an amazing example of the armorer’s art. Except instead of being majestic and inspiring, it looks like someone’s skeevy uncle with horns glued to his head. Perhaps fortunately, the rest of the armor was lost to time, and only the helmet remains. You can find out more about it here.

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  1. lynettemburrows

    Whoa! That would either never make it out of the back of the closet or a great white elephant gift. LOL Creepy.