Weekly WTF

I love finding weird shit on the internet and in life, and since my most popular post ever was about a photo that was going to kill me in my sleep, I figure you guys like it too. So I’m going to post a weekly link or photo to something that  makes me wonder: “What the hell sort of drugs are these people on?”  Sound good?

Most Horrifying Doll Ever
A horrible doll with teeth – perfect for your children this Holiday Season! Assuming you never want them to sleep again.

I stumbled across this on Kind of Creepy, which is false advertising in my opinion, because there is nothing “kind of” creepy about this. “Kind of” does not equal “will need years of therapy after viewing,” okay?

If you think your sanity can stand it, there are more puzzling/terrifying doll pictures on their site, but this one tops them all.

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