Friday Link Roundup

Mwahahaha! Get ready for Halloween with an extra-spooky edition of the Link Roundup!

No Halloween season would be complete without a round of awful movies playing on TV or being released into the theaters. Sure, there are some truly amazing works of horror, but the genre has been plagued with B-grade movies. Some of us–meaning me–harbor a deep appreciation for the B-movie. If you agree and have some time to kill, check out, the brainchild of a true bad movie connoisseur. The reviewer rates between one and five slimes, but for true hilarity, check out the reviews of movies which rate a skull (worse than one slime). You’ll laugh until you cry.

If you’re an HP Lovecraft fan, I hope you’re also familiar with, a free podcast which covers almost every story written by HP, including collaborations. Its successor is subscriber-only (although they do have some free episodes), and is currently covering some ghostly masterpieces of weird fiction including “The Upper Berth” and “The Signal-Man.” You can check out the podcast at Witch House Media.

And finally, the Museum of Ridiculously Interesting Things brings us this carving of a cluster of rats.


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