Get Me in the Mood (for Halloween)

Help get me in the mood for Halloween! I need something to read, people, and the scarier the better.

In place of the usual Friday Link Roundup, I’m asking you to send me your links. Specifically, if you have written any books, short stories, etc. featuring ghosts, zombies, things that go bump in the night, or anything appropriate to the Halloween season, pimp your stuff in the comments section below. Post a brief description with a link to buy. As I said before, the scarier the better, although humor and romance are also welcome!

Not a writer? No problem–pimp your favorite scary/ghostly/Halloween reads instead!

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12 responses to “Get Me in the Mood (for Halloween)

  1. I remember reading Thomas Tryon’s “The Other” and it scared me. “‘Salem’s Lot” will always rank up there as my scariest book ever, along with “The Exorcist”. Sometimes the older books are the best. There are actually so many, but those are the three which popped in my mind first.

    • jordan

      I read Salem’s Lot a while back when I went on a King binge. I definitely recall the creep factor! Will have to check out the rest. 🙂

  2. Don’t know if it’s scary enough, but I read an anthology called “Hecate’s Cauldron” about twenty years back that was very memorable. Many famous sci-fi writers contributed.

  3. You need to go to my brother. He always starts decorating now for Halloween, does a spook house. Goes to all the area ones. Me, I just buy candy. And then when no one comes, I eat it. (grin)

  4. Hi Jordan! I have a new erotic ghost story that’s available for general release on Oct. 22 from Total-E-Bound. Mysterious, emotional, and very erotic – if you like that sort of thing:

    Plus – motorcycles and tattoos! If you have any interest in reviewing it for your blog, let me know and I’ll slide you a copy ASAP. I really love this story. My editor said it made her cry – twice!

    • jordan

      Hi Bebe! Your erotic ghost story sounds terrific! I don’t really do reviews, but I’ve got it bookmarked and will check it out when it’s available. 🙂