Friday Link Roundup

I’m in the process of heading out the door for an internet geekery convention this weekend. If you’re in the Rockville, MD area and love webcomics, podcasts, and general geekdom, Intervention is a fabulous little con to attend!


So, to keep things quick and easy while I pack, I’m going to use this Link Roundup to list three books I’ve read recently which I think the rest of you would enjoy!

In His Corner“In His Corner” is a historical romance short story from the fabulous Charlie Cochet. I’m a huge sucker for “opposites attract” and this pairs a young, college-educated guy with an older man who only knows how to do one thing: box. Even better, proceeds for this sweet tale go to support NOH8. Click on the cover image to buy!

If It Ain't LoveI’ve been on a historical kick this week, apparently, because I’m currently reading (and loving) If it Ain’t Love by the fantastically talented Tamara Allen. In the darkest days of the Great Depression, New York Times reporter Whit Stoddard has lost the heart to do his job and lives a lonely hand-to-mouth existence with little hope of recovery, until he meets Peter, a man in even greater need of new hope.

Not only is this book beautifully-written and incredibly sweet, it’s FREE. So click on the cover to grab it now!

Somewhere Beneath Those WavesAnd finally, if you love well-written, thought-provoking sf/f, you can’t go wrong with Sarah Monette’s collection of short stories, Somewhere Beneath Those Waves. The stories range from urban fantasy, to science fiction, to historic fantasy, to things that just are classifiable by genre. Do yourself a favor and pick this up!

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