The Ghosts are Coming – are You Ready?

It’s almost October, which means my favorite holiday, Halloween! I’m going to blog ghost stories every week in October, but to get everyone in the mood, I thought I’d talk about how to get rid of ghosts, or at least keep them at bay.

Dead Woman

  • Spin clockwise (or deosil) three times before entering your house, and any ghosts will be too confused to follow you inside.
  • If the identity of a troublesome ghost is known, take some small personal item which belonged to them. Cut a sweet potato in half and hollow out the inside. Put the item inside the hollowed-out part and pierce the potato with iron nails to keep the halves together. Bury the whole thing in a graveyard.
  • Ghosts can’t cross running water or a line or circle made out of salt.


  • If you look into a mirror and see the reflection of a loved one who is far away, that person has just died.
  • Some ghosts seem to have a purpose for hanging around, usually due to unfinished business. If their task can be completed, they will move on and the haunting will end.

Know any ghost-busting methods? Let me know in the comments: I love hearing from you!

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