Agatha Cat and the Bathroom of Doom!

Let me be upfront: none of my cats are exactly candidates for kitty mensa. Sweet and adorable, yes. Geniuses, no. It took them months to figure out that the cat flap onto the screened-in porch opened in both directions. But poor Agatha is probably the dumbest pet I’ve ever had, including the goldfish I had when I was five.

There is nothing going on behind those eyes. Trust me.

While “five second memory” is just a myth when it comes to goldfish (thanks, Mythbusters!), I’m not sure that’s the case with poor, sweet Agatha. We have a small bathroom at one end of the house, which Agatha is obsessed with. Or, rather, she’s obsessed with the door. Here is a typical day for her:

Lalala, oh look, I think I’ll go in this room.
Oh wow, the door is really cool from this side! I think I’ll stand on my hind legs and put my front feet on it!

Cue frantic “help, help, help!” meows from behind the shut door.

The first time when I let her out, I thought she’d learn and not do it again. After a week of daily repetitions, I told myself that surely, surely she would eventually connect pushing on the door with it closing and locking herself in.

Eventually, I gave up and bought a door stop.

At least she’s cute.

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