Friday Link Roundup

Have a few hours minutes with nothing to do but laugh until you cry? Take a look at this product listing on Amazon for AudioQuest Terminated Cables. Through insanity or a typo, they’re priced at $8,450, but that’s not the funny part. Scrolling down and reading the reviews will not only restore your faith in humanity, but impress you with just how damn creative people can be.

If you’re on Pinterest and looking for someone to follow, why not Mr. Sulu himself, the fabulous George Takei? A lot of his pins are images sent to him by fans (and are utterly hilarious), so check it out!

There’s been a lot of talk on the interwebs the last couple of week of using images in blogs. There are a ton of free sites to be found, but Kristen Lamb has just started a free image group on Flickr.

Finally, if you missed it on Wednesday, I’ve put up a sneak peek of Chapter One of Hainted online and as a PDF download.

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    • jordan

      I follow him on FB as well and there’s some overlap, but I miss a lot of them on FB when I don’t check often enough. LOVE his sense of humor.