Friday Link Roundup (extra creepy edition)

I know from experience that you guys love weird, creepy photos. Check out this lot from Retronaut. Seriously, why are a bunch of women posing with what appears to be a blood-stained mattress?! Are they showing off their latest souvenir from their murder spree? Is the woman on the right carrying the victim’s heart in that box, for use in a ritual later on? Who knows?

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We’re coming for you next!

Speaking of creepy WTF-ery, my friend Skyla Dawn Cameron recently took a vacation to a cabin in the woods. Having seen enough horror movies, you’d think she would have known better, especially since she found this in the lake:

I don’t know what the hell it is, but Skyla took it home, where I assume it will soon devour her soul. You can read about her entire adventure on her blog.

And finally this week, my editor continues to chronicle her love affair with Nathan Fillion, a passion strong enough to withstand twine, hunky men, and restraining orders. Set down your coffee while reading; otherwise, you will snort it all over your monitor.

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    • jordan

      I’m pretty sure any babies gestated in the presence of that thing would come out possessed by demons anyway.