This Photo is Going to Kill Me in My Sleep

Last weekend the beta and I were rummaging around one of the antique stores in the little town I grew up in. I was sorting through a bin of old photos, hoping for inspiration for my Victorian-era novel, when I found this gem:

And I thought my family was scary.
The creepiest thing? They all have the exact same expression. EVEN THE BABY.

Me: Honey! Look at this!

TB: …Uh…

Me: They look like serial killers, don’t they? I’m kind of worried about the rabbit the one kid is holding. I bet if I bought this photo, they’d emerge from it in the middle of the night and kill me in my sleep. And look—it’s only three dollars! That’s a bargain.

TB: For a possessed picture that will come to life and murder you.

Me: Exactly! I’m buying it.

TB:…I’m sleeping on the couch tonight.

The point of this story is that if I suddenly disappear, I’ve probably been murdered by a haunted photo. Unless by posting this I’ve unwittingly unleashed them onto everyone viewing it, kind of like that video in The Ring. Oops.

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    • jordan

      The scary thing is that the shop owner assured me she’d sold far creepier photos. I can only assume she has no repeat customers because they’ve all been dragged through portals to hell.