NC Ghost Stories: “Helen, come forth!”

For our final ghost story, we return to Asheville to visit a landmark known as “Helen’s Bridge” on Beaucatcher Mountain.

In the late 1800s, a young mother lived alone with her daughter on the mountain. One day, there was a terrible fire, and although the mother managed to escape, the girl was killed.

Crushed by her only child’s death, the mother, Helen, went to a nearby bridge and hung herself. Although her body was taken down, Helen’s spirit has never left.

Throughout the decades, motorists report being stopped on the bridge by a young woman in a long, old-fashioned dress, who asks for their help finding her daughter. The locals also believe that Helen can be deliberately summoned by calling “Helen, come forth!” three times. Those who stop at the bridge often find that their cars won’t restart, the batteries mysteriously drained.

Helen's Bridge


Although most encounters with Helen seem to be harmless, beware: there are reports of a dark presence on the mountain which sometimes kicks, bites, and slaps those who trespass on its domain. So use caution if you decide to disturb the dead mother–and make sure you take jumper cables with you, just in case.

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